Louise is incredibly competent and perceptive . Louise´s holistic approach includes both my body, mind and soul. Her easy to apply, everyday toolbox has help me find keys to both my game and my nutrition. I am more focused, feel more motivated and has found a new sense of calmness which has given me a whole new life energy. People say – I GLOW – when body and mind are in sync you can tell. Thank you Louise for being by my side and guiding me towards new goals in life and on the court.

Helena Hägglund – Tennis Player, Naprapath & Mom of two.



Louises approach to diet and nutrition is both comprehensive and simple in its approach; Louise has the unique ability to apply both her knowledge and experience to the person in front of her and is able to highlight areas that need to be improved to enable the body and mind to function optimally.

Understanding the needs and preferences of the client in a friendly and professional manner Louise utilises a variety of tests to develop a personalised plan that can be applied simply by the client no matter what the goal.

Combined knowledge, a healthy positive energy and a fresh outlook on nutrition has helped me sleep better, eat better and improve my performance in the gym in a short space of time.  I look forward to working with Louise in  the future!”

Simon Tottle – Chiropractor and Bodybuilder.



I met Louise as a wife of one of my husbands team mates. She is the reason I started thinking about different and healthier foods! She gave us some guidelines so we were able to make the first steps.

It’s really a journey as she said and we have a long way to but without her help we wouldn’t even have started! It’s so good to have someone who can encourage you and answer all your questions! After following some of her suggestions I feel so much better in my body and have more energy than I have ever had!

Wish you all good!

Andreja Kranjc – Stay at home mom for the moment.



Louise is unique – both as a therapist as well as an individual. When she is working with a client she uses her vast amount of factual knowledge about nutrition, anatomy and biochemistry as well as a number of scientific tools but then she complements it with a detailed look into her client’s personality and lifestyle.
Working with different health practitioners I often find that they are either too evidence based or too esoteric, but Louise manages to find just the perfect balance of both aspects.

Anne Kristin Möhle, Chiropractor



Being a mother of three boys and self-employed, I never take time for myself. Louise gave the inspiration to finally look after myself and take “me” time, sit back and take 10 minutes a day and relax. Louise taught me a lot about my body and how to stay in balance and also how to support my family with the right nutrition.

I finally managed to detox and was guided throughout that week with a lot of helpful tips and positive energy to stay focused.

Louise loves her job; it shows in her work shops and when you work with her one on one. Thank you for being so inspirational.

Daniela Wood

Managing director of TSF Aggertal UG (Tennis, Sport und Freizeit in Overath, Germany)



Review of Mentorship Program summary:
I felt my heart lift in joy for you, and I could sense your deep wisdom in my bones. You are truly remarkable in every way! I knew that ever since you took the CFSP. Keep on the path! You are spot on with your TRUTH!

Dr Deanna Minich – Founder of Food & Spirit, Author.
Functional Nutritionist



Even though I was eating healthy, something was not right. WithLouise help, we found out, that my body had trouble with fruit sugar. I learned to recognize the symptoms of my body and could adjust the paleo diet to my own needs.

It was thanks to Louise holistic approach and her excitement and love for “real” food that helped me get a new understanding of my body and get rid of my digestive problems. Thank you!

Thomas Knell – Fitness Coach 



I participated with Louise´s coaching the 21-day-whole-detox-program by Dr. Minich. At the beginning I wasn´t in best shape, both mentally and physically. It was my first detox ever and actually I didn´t know what was expecting me but I was not disappointed at anytime. Overall the program was such a different and good experience. Especially the book was very informative about understanding how food influence our health, body, spirit and functioning.

I must admit that in-between my typical weariness took over but Louise supported and motivated me to go through this challenge. After a webinar I bought an infrared sauna, which is detox, meditation and self-care in one. Benefits of Whole Detox are starting off with better sleeping, less cravings, hormonal balance, changing the perspective to situations and people up to reaching my own truth. Thank you very much for being with me, Louise!

Meltem Sarfaklar