Whether you are an athlete pushing your body beyond its limits or are experiencing everyday symptoms such as headaches, digestive issues or joint pain. You can not ask your body or mind to perform at its best if you don’t honor its unique needs.

So what is your recipe?

Given that one man’s food is another man’s poison, there are many individual and unique recipes for health. Let me show you the holistic toolbox of health – where everything you put in affects everything you get out.






In this 90 min session I will connect the findings from your health forms, your results from the Wellness Screening performed in the clinic and correlate this with your current status, symptoms and over all health. Where are you at right now? How did you get were you are today? What can we improve, do less of, remove and / or  include more of in your everyday lifestyle ?

We will adress both lifestyle and nutrition as well as thought patterns and recovery. I will explain how everything is connected and what you can do to take yourself to the next level. You will leave with 3-5 holistic takeaways to improve your health, performance and wellbeing.

  • 90 min consultation
  • Wellness Screening
  • Health Questionnaire
  • Food Log for 3 days
  • Summarized email with your top 3-5 prioritized areas of focus,
    including lifestyle changes, nutriton and supplements.

Investment: 2 675 SEK



BASIC – 3 sessions á 60 min each,

Your awareness about your health is already in the right place, but you are in need of a holistic check up, a screening and fine tuning. Don’t we all from time to time?

Perhaps a symptom is lurking or will not resolve. You might feel you need help in a certain area or would like to take it to the next level? This program is for you.

  • 3 sessions
  • 3 Wellness Screenings
  • Health Questionnaire
  • Food Log 3 days
  • A personalized plan including lifestyle changes, nutritional support & supplements. Fine tuned by every new session.
  • Email support

Investment: 1675 SEK / session



GOLD – 5 sessions

If you are experiencing bodily symptoms & imbalances like, fatigue, hormonal issues, skin problem, gut imbalances and/or lowered immunity and would like to get to the root cause once and for all, this commitment is for you.

This packages includes 3 functional lab tests, 3 Wellness screenings and health assessment forms in order to get to the root cause of the imbalance. Based on the findings I will (together with you) create a customized & personalized plan, in a step by step manner. Adjusted and fine tuned to your needs every session.

  • 5 consultations
  • 3 Functional Medicine Lab tests (3 priority tests chosen)
    • GI MAP
    • Organix Basic
    • Blood Panel – general 31 markers.
  • 3 Wellness Screenings
  • Health Questionnaire
  • Food Log 3 days
  • A personalized plan including lifestyle changes, nutritional support & supplements adjusted and modified by every consultation.
  • Email support

Costs for supplements not included. The 3 tests are to be chosen to fit your needs and plan, if the standard tests above needs another focus – other tests will be discussed and  the price might slightly change.

Investment:  1600 SEK / consultation session + the 3 basic functional tests a total of  8 000 SEK.





If you feel stuck in unfavorable patterns and believe their is more to health and happiness than green smoothes and a busy schedule this program is for you. Committing to this program is giving yourself a true reset. It will be life changing – or money back guarantee – as we adress your body, the emotions, your thought patterns and your hearts passions. Truthfully listening to the bodys wisdom inorder to gain new perspective and reset your biochemistry.


  • 8 sessions (over a 3 month period)
  • 2 Wellness Screenings
  • Health Questionnaire
  • Food Log 3 days
  • A personalized plan including lifestyle changes, nutritional support & supplements.
  • Workbook
  • Email support

Investment: 13 400 SEK



Payment plans are available for no extra change.

Please fill out your Health Questionnaire.
Vänligen fyll i ditt hälsoformulär.


  • Feel free to book a FREE 15 min consultation for more information.
  • All consultations are available via SKYPE.

To book your next consultation please visit BOKADIREKT
or initially a 15 min free consultation, please contact me at louise@atruelifestyle.com 




” The moment you change your perception is the moment you change your biochemistry of your body ” – Bruce Lipton.

True health is working with and  honoring and listning your body.  Trusting its innate power to self heal when the conditions are just right. You are responsible to make the conditions just right…  Your healthy everyday choices should empower you, be personalized and make you feel like a million bucks. If not… are you truly paying attention? Join me for a  a (swedish) ”smörgås bord” of health tools that will empower you take your power back when it comes to your health.

The Seven System of Health will introduce us to body mind medicine and help us understand why there is more to optimal health than just nutrition and movement.

The 7 systems of health will be as informative as they are practical. We will sip on our greens smoothies as we talk about the importance of detoxification. What is a toxin, how are they effecting our bodies and how do you stay clean in a dirty world? No green juice in the world will make you healthy if you have a negative mindset!

Please wear comfortable clothes as we are moving, practicing yoga and relaxing meditations.

Next BMP weekend retreat is in October of 2019 in Trysil, Norway. For more info please email me at louise@atruelifestyle.com.

BMP Värmdö, Sweden April 2019


Body Mind Performance in Cologne, Germany 2016

Customized for Company Events & Sports Teams.
For more information please email me at louise@atruelifestyle.com



Let´s build our confidence, tone our muscles and skills in the kitchen. Let´s make cooking fun, healthy and delicious.

Let me help you get started or give you some new fresh ideas on how to light your creative fire in the kitchen. This is for some of us a creative opportunity, it should not be a drag. As it is such a important part of our health and everyday life.

A customized cooking event in your own home filled with inspiration and information on how to make healthy fast foods for yourself, your family or team mates.

Together we will create the menu and filled it with healthy liquids like broths, soups and smoothies. Fun & quick foods “to go” – kale chips, sweet potato muffins, bars & raw chocolate.

Recipes are PALEO inspired – no dairy, no gluten, no sugar.

Theme ideas:

  • Healthy Mom  Healthy Kid.
  • Breakfasts for athletes.
  • I am Paleo, living without gluten, milk and sugar.
  • An 3h event, day time or evening.
  • Hosted in your own kitchen.
  • For up to 6 pers: 575 SEK / person.
  • Recipe booklet included.

To schedule an evening in the kitchen please contact me at louise@atruelifestyle.com.




Seven Systems of Health – taught by Dr Deanna Minich is a self transformational journey through food and eating. Our endocrine (hormonal) system lays the physical foundation of the unique bridge between the science of today and traditional, ancient wisdom. The 7 System of Health nourishes you through nutrition, emotions, thoughts, movement, authenticity, insight and connection – This is to Nourish your whole self®




We don´t guess – we assess!
Lab works are done via Nordic Labs, BioHealth & Quicksilver ScientificALCAT Food Testing

  • Dutch Test – HPA Axis & Hormonal health.
  • Food Intolerance Tests – For optimized nutrition, Gut Health and Immunity.
  • Comprehensive Stool Analysis & Parasitology – Screening for parasites, bacteria & fungus.
  • IPA – Gut Permabillity Test.
  • Organix Comprehensive – Overall metabolic function of the body. 
  • Heavy Metal Testing – Detoxification capacity, toxic load and burden of mercury and other heavy metals including mineral status.



The ES Teck is a medical certified screening method, developed by neurologist and doctor Dr. Albert Maarek. This Bio Impedance analysis will provide a full body screening and give us an indication of preventative lifestyle medicine. We want you thriving, with energy and vitality, not just surviving. In less than 5 minutes – the Es Teck will provide us with information regarding your:

  • Body Composition
  • Digestive issues
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Tissue & organ health,
  • Oxidative stress
  • Blood sugar management
  • Mineral deficiencies
  • Stress levels

The ES Teck is NOT a diagnosis.



Our bodies tell our story and where we tend to store our body fat indicates our hormonal profile. You really can lose fat in just one area, if you know how. Your Bio Print is a body fat measurement done with a caliper on 14 different sites of your body. Each site has a direct correlation to a specific hormone. For example

  • The tummy area is controlled by the hormone cortisol and is affected by stress levels.
  • The triceps area is represented by  androgens & DHEA. A sign of recovery and vitality.
  • Your love handles represents your insulin and your daily intake of carbohydrates.
  • Hamstring (butt) is a measurement of xeno estrogens in your body, that equals the environmental toxic load in your body.

The Bio Print was founded by C. Poliquin www.strengthsensi.com

Medical Disclaimer

The contents of this website are for information purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.