In this infographic I have put together my favorite, general TRUE NUTRITION GUIDELINES. As neither gluten, cow milk or sugar are things that my body wants this infographic tend to be PALEO inspired. Do I recommend you eat like me? Absolutely NOT – you need to find out what your bodys wants and needs are… we are all one of a kind.

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TRUE Nutrition Guidelines


What is personlized nutrition? How can one mans food be another mans poison?
This is a 8 min mini lecture on how to start customizing your optimal diet.

The Book – Metabolic typing Diet – by W.L.Wolcott 


Does it matter what we feed our kids today?
Will we be able to rewind the future?



BOOKS – the most frequently used books in my household.

Agains All Grains
Meals Made simple
LCHF 2.0
BAKA Glutenfritt
Paleo Sweets & Treats
Ketogenic Cooking Quick & Easy
Ketogenic Cleanse

A Holistic Bible:


Here are some amazing websites & resources for you to stay healthy & keep you gut in shape. Most importantly though is to – listen to your body – how the food you eat effects your performance, mood and over all health.

Paleo & Allergy Friendly – A great source for recipes when you are eliminating all kinds of foods/intolerances.

Paleo Inspired – Recipes with no gluten, no dairy and no white sugar.

Ketogenic Inspired – recipes with a low carbohydrate focus, no gluten & no sugar. Some recipes are including dairy but there is always a non dairy alternative.

Gluten Free Recipes & great inspiration.




How big of an impact does our lifestyle have on our health and performance?

Let me take you on a colorful journey with my colleague Linn Thorstensson as we will show you how it is all connected, your food, emotions, thoughts, movement, attitude and even fun.

Are you ready to take your Whole-Self-Questionnaire ?
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I have put together the TRUE LIFESTYLE GUIDELINES – to give you an idea of the intra connected spiderweb of health habits that could make a difference in your life.

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TRUE Lifestyle Guidelines




It is impossible to be a clean fish in a dirty bowl! Today environmental toxins plays a major role in our health issues. We need to educate our selfs, tell our friends and children how to make mindful choices in our everyday lives.

In the workshop TRUE NOURISHMENT, I address the importance of environmental chemicals. How to minimize our exposure to them, where we find most of them in our daily living and how to optimize our bodies ability to detox.

See OFFERINGS/Workshop for more info.

Stay up to date with environmental toxins via the Environmental Working Group.





WHOLE DETOX is an amazing online detox program – get a glimt of the program and dive into their FREE WEBINARS today!



To reach my full potential I need to master my mind. In order to master my mind I need to get to know my whole self – even the messy parts.

How does our thoughts and attitude effect our health?

Our bodies consists of approximatly 70% water. This experiment shows us how our attitude changes water crystals: Masaru Emoto’s Water Crystal Experiments


Let´s get inspired by the best of the best, Swedens very own Kjell Enhager. Presented are the  links to his Summer and Winter radio talks.(in Swedish)

Summer Radio Talk
Winter Radio Talk


Dr Breene Browns work is an wholehearted guide on how to show up, own our story and own our power. Her powerful TED TALKS on vulnerability and shame are classics. More of Brenee´s work at

Meditation can be done walking, standing or in motion. Here is one of my favorite guided meditations, 20 min long, for download. Page 27 in the Whole Self Healing kit.


Fit Body Fit Soul – Brant Secunda & Mark Allen
Inner Game of Tennis – Timothy Galley
Gifts of Imperfection- B.Brown
Daring Greatly – B.Brown
Rising Strong – B. Brown
Tänk Låsningar & Lösningar – Kjell Enhager




Detox Bread  (Makes one large bread)

1 tbs Psyllium husk
1 dl Water
1,5 dl Flax seeds grounded
2 dl Sunflower seeds
2.5 dl Coconut flakes
200g Almonds
4 Eggs
4 tbs Coconut oil, melted
1 tbs Cardamom
1 tsp Cinnamon
1 tsp Sea salt

Turn the owen on to 160 C – Combine the psyllium husk and water – set a side for 5 minutes. In a mixer slightly chop the almonds, sunflower seeds, coconut flakes and flaxseeds. Mix all the ingredients to a sticky doe and place it on a lined pan. Shape it in to a circle, 3-4 cm tall. Place it in the owen 60 min or more depending on how crispy you would like it. Cut it like a cake and serve warm – just like it is!

Original recipe by Sanna Edin. 



Protein Bread 

12 Egg whites  
12 Yolks
1 cup  Protein Powder
1 tsp Bread Spices / White Peppar.

Turn the owen on to 130c. Separate the yolks and the egg whites. Whisk the egg whites until firm and pointy – approx 5 min. Don’t cut time here, this part is essential or the loaf will not raise. Then add the yolks while still stirring and second the cup of protein powder and optimal spices. Choose a flavorless or vanilla flavored protein powder and one that is good for your body.  Pour in the batter into a bread pan lined with parchment paper. Bake for approximate 30-35 min. Take the loaf out of the oven and remove the parchment paper, set to cool under a kitchen towel.

More amazing recipes by Maria Emmerich



My Non Miso Soup

After having the great Steven Acuff as my teacher in Macrobiotic Foods I wanted to try to make my own healing cup of miso soup… I failed completely! So I did my own version, not a Miso soup – but also healing.

1 tsp Kuzo
0,5 tsp Umeboshi
1 tsp Instant Alger,  Wakame
1-2 tsp Fresh grated ginger
1 tsp Tamari
2-3 dl Hot water

Put the kuzu + instant alger in a cup, poor some cold water in to the mug. When the kuzu has dissolved you can start to add and blend the other ingredients. –  Healing Magic in a cup!



Raw chocolate

2,5 dl Cacao butter
3 dl Walnuts
1,5 dl Hemp seeds, shelled
6 tbs
Goji Berries
4 tbs Raw Cacao Powder
1 tbs Agave sirup
2 tsp Vanilla powder
1 pinch Sea salt

Melt the coconut butter. Chop the walnuts slightly, combine all the dry ingredients in a bowl – pour the coconut oil over the dry ingredients and add the agave sirup. Mix well. Put the mix in a dish to leave in the freezer for 3 hours. Cut in cubes and enjoy!

Original recipe by Erika Palmcrantz
Edited by Anne M.



Mocha Mousse

1.5 cup Coconut Milk fullfat
0,5 cup Espresso Coffee
1 tbsp Bio Gelatine powdered
3 Yolks
1 tsp Stevia
2 tbsp Coconut Oil
2 tbsp Cacao Powder
0,5 tsp Vanilla powder
Pinch of sea salt


Blend all ingredients in a mixer, pour in an air tight container and leave over night. Will last in the fridge for 3-4 days.

Inspired by M.Emmerich




Strawberry parfait

My kids favorite snack, ice cream or dessert!

8 dl Strawberries, frozen or fresh
10 Pitted dates , Medjool
6 tbs Coconut Oil
0,5tbs  Vanilla Powder
6 dl Cashews – soaked
Fresh strawberries for decoration

Put it all in your mixer. When creamy and all mixed together – scoop out and place in a ”pie dish” – put in the freezer for 2 hours! Take out the parfait at least 20 min before serving and decorate it by placing fresh strawberries on top!

Original recipe by Renee Voltair. 



Alternative BUTTER

2,5 dl or 1 cup Coconut oil, soft & odorless
2 tbsp Olive oil
1 tsp Celtic Sea salt

Mix all together with a “handmixer” and store in a air tight container. Place and store in the fridge to get a firmer consistency. The yummiest and best alt for a “dairy free” butter, I believe! Enjoy


All recipes makes two large smoothies.


Key Lime Pie Smoothie

1 Avocado
1,5 cup Coconut milk / Almond milk
1 tsp Stevia
1 Lime, zest & juice
1 cup Spinach
1 tbsp Coconut Oil

Put all ingredients in a blender and fire away!
Want to make an ice cream instead, just ad less liquids.
Play around with mint extract and cacao nibs for flavor, texture and decoration. Enjoy!


Kale LOVE Strawberries

2-3 Kale Leafs
1 Apple
5-10 Basil leaves or Mint leaves
2 dl Strawberries
2 dl Water

Put all the ingredients in your mixer (love my Vitamixer) until smooth. Enjoy!



2 dl Kale chopped, fresh
1/2 Avocado
1 small Banana frozen
2 dl Mixed Berries
2 dl Water

Put all the ingredients in your mixer (love my Vitamixer) until smooth. Enjoy!


My son Axels plays around with recipes from the app, Raw Family.Here is his favorite:

1 Banana
2 dl Raspberries
2 dl Spinach
1 Apple
2 dl Water

Put all the ingredients in your mixer (love my Vitamixer) until smooth. Enjoy!


Adrenal LOVE
Give your adrenals recovery drink – I think they deserve one, don’t you?

1 dl Blueberries
10-15 Basil leafs
1 Big slice of lemon
2 Scoops of vanilla flavored protein powder
2 dl Water

Put all the ingredients in your mixer until smooth. Enjoy!


Raspberry COCO

2 dl Raspberries
1 Apple
2 tbs Hemp seeds, shelled
1 tbs Raw coco powder
1 Frozen banana
0.5 tsp  Maca Powder
2 dl  Water

I make this one – poor my self a glass and then ad a date or two and mix the rest for the kids! Put all the ingredients in your mixer until smooth. Enjoy! 


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