We are in this together, making the shift, undoing the programming of ourselves to tap into our own potential. Most of us are stuck in patterns we believe are good for us or we might even know we are going down stream instead of upstream. But we can feel it – and most of us feel lost, dont know what to do about it or looks around and see everyone feels the same thinking – This must be normal. We might reach our goals but still feel empty on the inside or fooled that the grass was not greener on the other side.

But remember – we are in this together – we need to turn “I” in to “we” – one perception, one hand holding one hug at a time.
When 90% of all disease are due to stress – it is time to make a shift. What does the stress to our physiology? Auto immune disease have sky rocketed in the last years – AUTO IMMUNE – symbolically take a look at it – your own immune system are turning on yourself –  Knowledge is power – educate your self – your are the only one responsible for your health. But we are in this together – together we heal.

Love FOOD MATTER TV – this is their newest inspiration movie!




Where are you at today?
Where do you want to be?
What are you willing to do to get there?

What is you new “normal” – please do the world a favor and don´t settle for less than your best self. Josef Cambell said – Follow your bliss and magical things will happen.

Take a look at this wellness scale to see where you are at and if you have more room for improvement.



Thursday June 7th 2018

With their new amazing tennis academy, GOOD TO GREAT – run by Norman, Kulti &Tillström – these legends aim to take Swedish tennis to the next level. Happy to see such a major project finally finished – love that building, the atmosphere, attitude and feel of it.

On Saturday June 9th – 10.00-1630 – the gym have an open house. Meet some of the people “behind the players” and get a feel for what it truly take to make it in tennis.

Over the last moths I have had the privilege to work closer with AIM-X Tennis – from different angles we help optimize the player from the inside out. Come join us on Saturday and take your own game to the next level.


Sunday 20 May 2018

IKEA created a visual way for us to see what happens to someone or something being bullied. I want to take this one step further and ask – How is you self talk? Do you think your own self talk will effect your health and wellbeing ? You bet ya´ it will 🙂 Some of us are our own worst (inner)critics… improving our own self talk by a going a little deeper into why we are so hard on our selfs may shift your biochemistry… as you can see in the video!


Monday April 2nd 2018

I am currently working on my business, updating, reorganizing and redoing the website as a lot of fun new creative projects are taking off 🙂 If you own your own business or are a practitioner of any kind (you might relate to this) the business part of owning your business is not always… well.. great fun. If we wanted “business” well that could have been our focus in school… there is a reason we choose something else 🙂 but facing it – it is a must inorder to survive as a single business owner.  It´s a new set of skills that is constantly chaining in a pace way to fast for me! So I reach out whenever I can, when it comes to business.

The meetings with Markus, my friend, business, social media guru – I would have to say he is my creative director 🙂 are so inspiring, creative and FUN! The fear of the marketing part of my business is gone for at least 24h.

We wanted to find a new, fun sparkling word to replace the word personal growth, as that is a huge part of my function nutrition focus.

This movie was our inspiration… If you have not watched the full movie please do – it is so insightful and amazing. So many pears of wisdom.
My new business cards will say:

Louise Tjernqvist
Functional Nutrition Inside Out.



Monday March 26th 2018

Diving deeper into my favorite systems of health with Deanna Minichs 4 months program on Foods & Supplements.I have not found a more holistic approach to health and wellbeing anywhere. It is truly functional medicine + personal growth for optimal performance and the best version of YOU, ME and anyone!! Personalized to the finger tips of each and everyone of us!
Deanna is always VERY ambitious and gracious with her material… the 2h work / lectures a weeks have turned into more 12 h a week 🙂 BUT when you love what you do it does not really matter, you make time and space for it.

Among the tons of research slide and biochemical info, one of my classmates posted a bread receipt for the root system. I am always up for creative, fun and delicious bread recipes, when though I know I have to be careful as I am addicted to fleshly bakes bread.

Wanted to share the recipe with you as I tried it last night! Even the kids liked it.



video Mindful Eating


Tuesday September 12th 2017


What a dream team I have on board! This will be so much fun!
Classes / workshops are open for registration, limited to 10 participants / event. Taught in Swedish at  Optimal Fysik Vasastan in Stockholm


  • Lever hälsosamt ”by the book”  men känner att det fortfarande är något som fattas.
  • Stångas och kämpar med hälsan och tenderar att falla tillbaka till oönskade mönster.
  • Naturligt vill välja positiva val och perspektiv på hälsa som gynnar dig, din kropp och din livsbalans. 

For your invitation and more information please enlarge!

INBJUDAN höst 2017
Photo credits to : Linn Torstensson

To register or for more info please email me at: louise@bodymindperfomrance.se



Mindful Fuelling

Tuesday Sep 5th 2017

Food is one way to growth and inner connection. An amazing tool to get to know yourself better, be faster, sleep better and get more focus.

Most athletes are like racehorses, very in tuned to their bodie´s needs and cues. But when it comes to food a lot of athletes are not in tuned and do not trust their bodily cues…

Lots of research shows of both eating disorders and body image problems among athletes. Is this due to that they dont “feel” / know what to eat ? or does their mind / coach / or someone else tells them what to eat and not to eat ? or is there underlying emotions behind these imbalances.

Athletes are in tuned but also taught to not “feel”  and keep going even when the body said no. Mindful eating is paying attention with out judgment how different foods affects us… an amazing tool to improved performance.

Wonderful and inspiring lecture by Fiona Sutherland, The mindful Dietitian from Melbourne Australia.